It is managed by experts in Expatriation:

  1. PuceWho have had 20 years of moving around with their own family and children

  2. PuceWho speak 5 languages

  3. PuceWho are internationally certified coaches

  4. PuceWho have a solid experience in relocation in Paris!

LHA covers the 3 key aspects of relocation:

  1. 1.Preparation for departure

  2. With workshops, and or individual, coaching sessions (see our services).

  3. 2. Assistance upon arrival

  4. House or apartment research, schools, internet connections, etc (see our services)

  5. 3. Assistance in repatriation

  6. Workshops and individual coaching sessions (see our services).


A relocation and coaching company, dedicated to expatriates


Has been created with the purpose of communicating, sharing and teaching: the best way to learn from others and to enrich oneself !