Leaving can often be difficult.

Committing to a departure means engaging the whole of the family in the adventure. In fact, 80% of expatriation offers are rejected for family reasons: because of the partner's job, the children, the schools, the grandparents etc…

So many parameters which can weigh heavily in the decision, but which unfortunately mask the very positive aspects of expatriation.

As it can be a very enriching experience at all levels: personal, familial and professional, specially if it is well prepared for.

This is why LHA proposes workshops of one or more days duration.

Our workshops target and analyse, very realistically, these parameters, without minimizing them, with the objective of arriving at helpful solutions and highlighting the positive aspects of expatriation.

Our workshops are driven by a team which consists of a certified coach, a senior consultant in expatriations and ex-expatriate guests who are happy to share their experience and to answer any questions from the participants.

Our workshops are interactive, dynamic, multi-cultural - a foretaste of expatriate life- and help in shortening the adaptation and integration phase.

Independently, and as a complement to the workshops, LHA proposes individual coaching sessions, with the objective of providing a more personalised solution to those who wish to benefit from such an opportunity and boost their personal and professional plans.

Do you have to give up your job to follow your husband or your wife ? What could you explore in depth, in order to optimize your competence and guarantee a confident, optimum and serene return home. Do you have unexplored skills… unfinished projects... dreams of any special adventures?

Evaluate their feasibility and go ahead! Push back the limits you thought you had. Surprise yourself!

Because Coaching is not reserved for the elite, high profile sportsmen, managers….but for every person wishing to add a new dimension to his life.

It is an opportunity for self-accomplishment.

Preparation for departure


  1. Preparation for departure